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My air conditioning system runs but does not cool the house down/Answer below/AC FAQ. Canada Service call 1(888)-301-3337

My air conditioning system runs but does not cool the house down/Answer below/AC FAQ. Canada

If air is moving inside (yes)let's check the condensing unit outside., The big box with pipes coming into the building.

Put your hand over the unit, you should feel warm air coming from the discharge side (fan). 

This is the heat being removed from the building.

Now lets look at the lines that carry the freon, there are 2 of them. 

There is a big one, (suction side) this should be cold to the touch and have insulation on the pipe.

 The smaller pipe, the high side, this small skinny pipe should be hot to the touch.

Is the pipe frosted, or has ice built up on the fat pipe ?

Reasons for frost or ice build up on pipes.

Dirty air filters, having a dirty air filter will not let the air get over the coil, making the coil to too cold then freezing.

Dirty fan blades on the quirrel cage. This will not cut the air properly, air will not be delivered. Inside air motor not working, or not turning fast enough.

Low freon charge will cause very pressures, resulting in too cold of a coil. Thus freezing.

  Defrot coil by tuning the thermostat to fan on, and turn the main power to the outside unit off. This will defrost the coil inside very fast.

Now you should be able to feel air coming out of the vents, because now there is no ice blocking the air flow.

Now put the thermostat back to the on position(cool) turn main power back on. 

If it is working good, it was propally the dirty filter, or the slow moving motor or dirty fins.

If it is not cool enough, you are probally low on freon.

Again if the big pipe with insulation is not cold, it means the compressor is not working or you require freon.

You will need an AC repair person from here.

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